Five volumes about Popular Traditions have been recently published by Dr. Angelo Santaromita Villa:

1) AGRIMESE (weater, farmig, fishing, handicraft, the monts through Sicilian provebs and idioms).

10,00 EURO

 2) INDOVINELLI SICILIANI ( an expression of popular wisdom in the form of short enigmas formed by little rhymed strophes).

10,00 EURO

 3) SCIOGLILINGUA, FILASTROCCHE, CONTRASTI, MOTTETTI SICILIANI (a collection of tongue-twister, rigmaroles, contrastos, mottettos of Nebrodi mountains comig from memory by people’s word of mout).

10,00 EURO

 4) FRAMMENTI DI CULTURA POPOLARE (charms, beliefs, superstitions, typical expressions, tricks of word, advices of popular medicine, games, curiosity, parables, popular humour, etc…).

10,00 EURO

 5) VASTASARIE ( Sicilian proverbs containing licentious words, but absolutely and quite meaningful and present).

10,00 EURO

You can buy them in the best bookshops get them directly from the Editor ( )  ( ) or from the Author ( ) ( ).

Prices include IVA; all consignment cost excepted.



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